Voltage Controlled Odyssey Presets for Spire


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Voltage Controlled Odyssey is the new sound library from Tenzu Wave featuring 68 presets for Reveal Sound Spire software synth, all programmed by sound designer Andrew Flores.

The patches include phat basses, razor-sharp leads, haunting pads, glitchy transition and oneshot synth fx, organic plucks, polysynth/keys and percussion sounds. Though the sounds were designed with ambient, glitch/IDM, electro, industrial, cinematic, neurohop/neurofunk styles in mind, they are also suitable for dubstep, drum n bass, house, trance, other EDM genres.

The sounds feature plenty of the signature tenzu wave otherworldliness and include responsive organic instruments

Format: SBF soundbank containing all 68 presets plus each individual patch is included as a separate SPF file

Patch Library consists of:

7 x basses
11 x leads
5 x polysynth/keys
5 x plucks
15 x pads
18 x synth fx/atmospheres
7 x percussion/drum hits

Normal price $13USD – special intro price until 21st March 2015 is $8USD


Molecular Origins Presets for NI Massive


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Molecular Origins for Native Instruments Massive is a huge library of 267 presets, providing all of the elements you need to build complete tracks from scratch, ranging from drums and percussion to pads and textures.

These are not your usual or mainstream sounding EDM presets – Molecular Origins encompasses a wide range of sounds, from ethnic to alien, from peaceful tranquility to sinister noisy chaos, from broken lo-fi analog grunge to acoustic instrument emulations. These sounds will add interesting and exotic sonic flavors to your music.

The presets feature intricate and detailed sound design. There are many patches that have an organic, natural, acoustic sound to them, with a responsiveness to note velocity. They include physical modelling-style plucked, bowed,  wind and percussive instruments that sound real and alive.

The sounds are perfect for ambient, soundscape, cinematic/soundtrack music as well as industrial, glitch and many other EDM styles.

massive-scrEach sound in the library has flexible sound manipulation possibilities – 264 out of the 267 presets use all 8 macro controls to allow a variety of morphs to suit your style.

Every preset has sound category and attribute metadata to enable convenient searching or browsing to find the exact sound you are seeking for your track.

*Requires Native Instruments Massive version 1.3 or higher

Molecular Origins contains 267 presets in .nmsv format:

  • 13 Basses
  • 64 Drums and Percussion
  • 58 Synth FX
  • 23 Sequences
  • 21 Pads
  • 21 Soundscapes/textures
  • 13 Leads
  • 12 Piano/Keys
  • 11 Mallets
  • 11 Guitars
  • 11 Plucked
  • 4 Bowed strings
  • 2 Brass
  • 1 Flute
  • 2 Organs

Download Free Demo Pack (16 Presets Zip archive)

The demo tracks were made entirely from sounds included in Molecular Origins preset library (including all of the drum, percussion and foley-type sounds). Apart from a limiter and some slight EQ on the master track, no other effects processing was used. A free demo pack containing a sample of 16 presets from the full library can be downloaded here. The demo pack contains all of the presets used to create the track which you can hear at 7:32-8:22 in the demo.